Ukdca Agreement

“The UKDCA needs to put its house in order so that we can try to get a fair salary for all offshore members covered by the agreement.” Unite is aware that drilling companies lag behind when it comes to payment compared to members who work under other offshore agreements such as the Offshore Counter-Enterprise Association. The UK process industry is highly innovative and technologically advanced, with significant spending on research and development. The industry manufactures a variety of materials and products. The sector has experienced a period of turbulence in recent years. Globalisation has had a negative impact on the manufacture of British processes. The high costs of energy in the UK are very important for this sector, given that the sector is one of the main consumers of energy in its production processes. Structure of the glass sector The UK glass industry is divided into two sectors: flat glass manufacturers and container glass manufacturers. It is estimated that the industry produces 2.8 million tonnes of glass per year with a saleable value of around £1.5 billion. There are three UK employers in the flat glass sector – Pilkingtons, Saint-Gobain and Guardian Glass. Together, they employ about 8,400 people. Clear float glass production is the most important unique product and, unlike container glass, it is typically used in long-term applications.

The production of containers for the food and beverage industry, glazing in construction and the automotive industry account for about 90% of the glass produced in the UK. The UK container industry currently has seven manufacturers who operate 30 furnaces at 14 sites employing around 4,500 people. Rubber General rubber is also part of the CPPT sector, which includes the manufacture of tires, hoses, retreading and storage of these products. The rubber sector has a long history dating back to 1885 and also estimates a high union density of over 3000 members in the UK. Employers in the sector include well-known names like Cooper Tyres, Goodyear, three Michelin sites in Ballymena, Dundee, Stoke and two Pirelli sites in Burton and Carlisle.