Sample Agreement Letter For Child Support Philippines

Although the age of the minority is significant, there is no absolute age at the age when assistance should be discontinued, as long as there is an appropriate need. If they don`t have an income or if they don`t have enough income to meet their needs and those of their child, it can be difficult to get the amount you think you need. A compromise may have to be found. Try applying for help in the United States. The United States can impose it against the father, so the recovery of the amount is safer. You can move on to the case if you wish, but it will not be possible for the father to provide support, as he has no income or work. Can we request a full statement of the child`s monthly expenses in order to calculate the amount of child support? Only one remark — fathers obtain by law visiting privileges. In some situations, fathers submit custody cases to put pressure on the mother. This can be effective, but also costly. Hello. I would like to ask for advice on the maintenance of children. The mother of my children refuses to have an equal share of the child assistance for our 3 children (8 years / o, 6 years / o and 2 years). Two of them are currently studying.

I have the children with me. I ask her to give the same share since she works, but she refuses. She said she would only give family allowances to our children if the children are in her care. But if I refuse to give her the children, she will not help me meet the needs of the children. If I ever give her the children, I`m afraid she won`t be able to take care of her. .